Sunday, May 9, 2010

Micazook's new virtual world - Real Geography

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This is a segment from our main weekly review programme where Mike Fotoohi from Micazook joined us to screencast an exclusive preview of a new virtual environment launching tomorrow in private beta. From a planet view that resembles Google earth, you choose any location in the real world and descend under the clouds to a compelling virtual build where each inch of the metaverse is locked to the same inch of our real-life planet. With a graphic quality akin to the likes of Second Life, all building and spaces are mapped from real-life geo-data to provide a virtual "mirror" of the organic spaces we know. Exteriors are locked to actuality, but claim your home and the interiors can be as fictitious or as fantastic as you care to create.

This is one to watch, not only as an alternative virtual environment, but as a system that challenges the monopoly of the current giants controlling the global mapping system.
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