Sunday, December 23, 2007

Newsroom Building

Time-lapse movie of the Second Life project.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Middleton Village

Not what Douglas Copeland or William Gibson envisaged when they described virtual world - a virtual old peoples home!

Second Life is Unwritten

Short musical story of a girl and her Second Life.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Drowning 4 Definition

A film looking at multi-racial avatar expressions.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

even Wonders of the Digital World

In Second Life of course


Odissea the Musical

The first international official trailer about the "Odissea the Musical" in Second Life Project.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Windmills of Your Mind

Old song, new take. By Gary Hazlitt and filmed in Second Life.


A short walk-through of the "Utopia" sim in Second Life.

A roof for Darfur

Newly posted film from the project in Second Life.


The song "Angel" by the wonderful Sarah McLachlan and film from Second Life. Nice.

Al Qas'r Al Jinn - The Fortress of Spirits

A fantasy roleplaying sim soon to open in Second Life.
Built by the amazing Zhella Nishi and the concepts and dreams of Harla Kurri and Twisted Surface.

Also ...

From the same creators, story-telling comes to Second Life. The first three episodes appear below - the latest was released today. Watch for more as they come.

The Azure Star

"There it was shimmering in the distance, dancing along the heat haze on the horizon.

Earlier I thought it had to be a mirage but it was cleraly visible now.

The dhow I was aboard suddenly seemed tiny compared to the vast fortress ahead of us and its 'Sea Gate.'

As I looked upon the beacon that had guided the vessel up close I could see why it had the name the Azure Star...

A wonder of magical prowess in this region, mirrors that projected light so bright no fires could compare..."

Scripted by Harla Kurri. Builds by Zhella Nishi and narrated by Danton Thirroul.

Directed and produced by Twisted Surface.

From Light to Shadow

"The Dhow rocked up against the stone wall and ... (more)
Added: November 15, 2007
"The Dhow rocked up against the stone wall and a ladder was passed down for me to climb.

It appeared that the figures around seemed much more interested at the ships cargo and had taken notice that I was not from this region.

I had set sail from Venice months ago but to reach the more remote parts of Arabia had been more difficult that I thought.

Despite the empire spanning this region there seemed much tribal conflict and yet despite the worlds most advanced medicines and magicks were bringing in curious travellers such as I...

It became apparent then they had noticed me a man came to greet, open arms in gesture friendly, but behind in this dark dimly lit area i could see shadows cloaked figures muttering and looking at me from afar.

"Welcome to Qasr al Jinn traveller!" The man declared his breath carried a sweet smell of a leaf much used in these parts, upon his belt i noticed a brief glimmer of a dagger.

He asked me of my business, and what I carried.

Before long however another figure appeared, a large man with a blue sash and a crest upon his tunic with two scimitars.

The shadowy figures that I had noticed earlier, I could see no more.

The man before me backed away making his excuses scurrying away into the dark alley from where he emerged from.

"Welcome to Qasr al Jinn traveller, come with me if you please".

The warrior gave his name and rank of the Azure Blades.

I walked just behind him up flights of stairs and my ears could hear a crescendo of sound building as we made the streets around the palace..."

Scripted by Harla Kurri. Builds by Zhella Nishi and narrated by Danton Thirroul.

Thank you to all those who were in the scenes there. Credits will be coming soon :)

Directed and Produced by Twisted Surface

Part 3 - The Sounds and Scents

"The street we walked along seemed bustling with activity, Peddlers and
traders approached me hesitantly as they noticed my armed escort; but were still persistent none the less.

The street we walked along seemed bustling with activity, Peddlers and
traders approached me hesitantly as they noticed my armed escort; but were still persistent none the less.

Through beaded curtains I could see men and women sharing a pipe.

The smell was similar to the scent I had encountered on the breath of the
man who came to greet me upon my arrival to the docks earlier.

This had to be the "hashish", the well known substance enjoyed in this

I noticed a lady seated up high on a platform gazing down upon me.

My guard noticed her as well.

They exchanged tense glances for a time but did not speak.

We turned a corner beyond more street traders and suddenly I gazed up in awe
at the size of the inner palace...

The gates looming ahead seemed to open up by their own accord as the guard approached, revealing the lavish interior courtyard and its thick golden doors.

I could smell flowers, sweet and fragrant. The feeling of moisture in my throat as I gazed up to the sight of the hanging gardens.

As we entered the palace, the sounds hushed and the scents were

My eyes lit up at the splendour around....


Scripted by Harla Kurri. Builds by Zhella Nishi and narrated by Danton Thirroul.

Directed and Filmed by Twisted Surface

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Second Life Brasil

A Video Essay about the launch of Brasil into Second Life. Made for ICAM 130 at UCSD.

Intute in Second Life

A short film about the activities of Intute in Second Life. Yet another example of the extraordinary variety of construction inworld.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Noob to Knockout?

Tracks a new user's seamless transformation in Second Life's Gossip Girl from clueless noobie to dancing diva - with the help of Metaverse Mod Squad. Too funny, but educational in it's way.

Friday, December 14, 2007

CSI: NY/Second Life Virtual Experience Mystery

A couple of months back the US TV series extended it's reach into Second Life with an ongoing mystery to solve in parallel with events on the show. It continues until February but this trailer released to day covers events so far in summary.

Although focused more toward gaming at real comunications and the social/work experience, one can't fault the TV show for helping more people become aware of the metaverse and it's potential for the future.

Immersive Workspace

A short film from London company Rivers Run Red illustrating the ways in which Second Life can be used as a practical application for business use. This company are responsible for some innovatory builds inworld and th film makes a good introduction to the possibilities.

Soap or Fiction?

It looks like Second Life is now considered a suitable environment for filming drama series. I don't read Italian, so I'm publishing the blurb below for those that do.

"Sms - Scegli Metodi Sicuri" รจ la prima fiction italiana interamente realizzata nel mondo virtuale di Second Life. Racconta in 30 episodi, in onda dal 20 dicembre 2007 su, e SL, i problemi dell'avatar Sara, un'adolescente sessualmente non troppo informata.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Caroline Says

The classic Lou Reed song as a music video recorded in Second Life. Love it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Project: Second Life

Dec 9, 2007 Introductory Presentation on Second Life


Friday, December 7, 2007

Smokers! Run Faster...

Glurk! A public service announcement made in Second Life. Cough! Splutter!

Bali Conference 06/12/07 - WWF India Interview

Daniel Nelson of OneWorld UK interviews Shruti Shukla of WWF India (World Wide Fund For Nature) at the United Nation Climate Change Conference in Bali.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Second Life - Episode 1 (Baram Voom)

The first of four short films (the next three are below) by Second Life resident Hcho Jun designed to showcase the world for a Korean audience not yet using it. Of course, they work for others too.

Second Life - Episode 2 (Reka Eel)

Second Life - Episode 3 (Gatsu Dench)

Second Life - Episode 4 (woolhwatong Boa)

Bali Conference 05/12/07

Daniel Nelson of OneWorld UK interviews Dr A.A. Nambi of MSSRF (M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation) at the United Nation Climate Change Conference in Bali.

Second Life for Education

An introductory Digital Story/Slideshow on Second Life and it's Educational Possibilities.

Second Life for Education

An introductory Digital Story/Slideshow on Second Life and it's Educational Possibilities.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bali Conference 03/12/07 - Oxfam Interview

Daniel Nelson of OneWorld UK interviews Marita Hutjes of Oxfam New Zealand at the United Nation Climate Change Conference in Bali in Second Life yesterday.

Copenhagen in Second Life

Copenhagen - Knowledge City of the Future.
9 Concrete proposals from Copenhagen Think Tank for Internationalisation and Business Development is showcased in Second Life - ready to be implemented in Real Life: How to turn Copenhagen into a Worldclass Knowledge City.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Spook Show

A one-day machinima filmed entirely in the Ebuddy Rezzable sim in SecondLife.

Making of Richard Hawley's Second Life - Massively

The musician Richard Hawley recently came inworld to perform his protest against the UK's draconian tobacco smoking ban. The event was also exceptional in that he used mation capture sensors to control his avatar, as this short film shows.


Sunday, December 2, 2007


That's all I know but this is just a fun Second Life music piece from Europe. I don't get to cover foreign language areas much, so it makes a nice change and I like the song. So there!


Chimes Of freedom

To the rousing sound of Bruce Springsteen comes the first footrage of the "Don't Iraq Iran" day of protest in Second Life. Most of these scenes depict the protests outside the various inworld media services like Sky, CNN and Reuters. There were plenty of other activities and events, with an opening concert at Democracy Island feauring a real-world sixties veteran musician, Leslie McCarey. A worthwhile day.


Tarja - I Walk Alone

Another great video filmed in Second Life. Reinhold Waechter did this one as part of a competition by Universal Music Germany.


It claims to be the first virtual comedy sitcom, DiVAS, written, directed and edited to you by Phaylen Fairchild. Brought to you direct from Second Life.

Second Life Coffeeshop / Headshop

You will find everything in Second Life. Just a short and simple impression of the Cannabism towers Coffeeshop / Headshop Netherlands.