Monday, December 17, 2007

From Light to Shadow

"The Dhow rocked up against the stone wall and ... (more)
Added: November 15, 2007
"The Dhow rocked up against the stone wall and a ladder was passed down for me to climb.

It appeared that the figures around seemed much more interested at the ships cargo and had taken notice that I was not from this region.

I had set sail from Venice months ago but to reach the more remote parts of Arabia had been more difficult that I thought.

Despite the empire spanning this region there seemed much tribal conflict and yet despite the worlds most advanced medicines and magicks were bringing in curious travellers such as I...

It became apparent then they had noticed me a man came to greet, open arms in gesture friendly, but behind in this dark dimly lit area i could see shadows cloaked figures muttering and looking at me from afar.

"Welcome to Qasr al Jinn traveller!" The man declared his breath carried a sweet smell of a leaf much used in these parts, upon his belt i noticed a brief glimmer of a dagger.

He asked me of my business, and what I carried.

Before long however another figure appeared, a large man with a blue sash and a crest upon his tunic with two scimitars.

The shadowy figures that I had noticed earlier, I could see no more.

The man before me backed away making his excuses scurrying away into the dark alley from where he emerged from.

"Welcome to Qasr al Jinn traveller, come with me if you please".

The warrior gave his name and rank of the Azure Blades.

I walked just behind him up flights of stairs and my ears could hear a crescendo of sound building as we made the streets around the palace..."

Scripted by Harla Kurri. Builds by Zhella Nishi and narrated by Danton Thirroul.

Thank you to all those who were in the scenes there. Credits will be coming soon :)

Directed and Produced by Twisted Surface

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