Sunday, July 3, 2011

Metaverse Week In Review: 3rd July

metaworld2 on Broadcast Live Free

Not quite hot off the airwaves this week - by rights the show isn't even over as I post this. It is of course the holiday weekend in the USA and clearly the gremlins are out in force with our studio at livestream engaging in all sorts of weird behaviour which meant a proper broadcast was impossible.

Assuming the stream glitches will be ironed out by the time you view this (if not, try again later) what you will see is the show that should have been! The recordings at the start display the anarchy we were faced with, then a long intro to the clips. The playlist then runs as would have been, but uninterrupted by our usual commentaries.

Apologies to the guests who we couldn't even get onto camera. Here's hoping all will be back to normal for next week's edition!
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