Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Hangout in Hangout

Our new web based meeting room. Only on Windows right now and best in Firefox or 3B browsers. It's fast and furious running under Flash instead of VRML or Java. Voice and video enabled. It does need a small extension download, but is painless we think.

Even better, this is the MetaHub on the web using 3B. 3B is a combination of virtual spaces viewer and a customised Firefox browser. Mode toggle is simple and easy based on the portals displayed as walls. You can jump into our "Hangout" from here (see above) or view websites. I have put experimental screens for inDuality, Ajax Life and other metaverse portals in place and they seem to work fine too.

Who needs Lively? (It won't even install for me anyway!)

The nice thing about these two is that they provide an interactive destination we can give to regular web users (via standard Urls) and that graphical screens will provide access to other fully-fledged metaverses like Second Life through SLurls etc.

I will be running a session at the start of Orange's "Innovations" week in Second Life starting immediately after Monday's Metanomics show.
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