Friday, August 15, 2008

An Invitation to Collaborate on Understanding Islam

An on-going and worthwhile project from Dancing Ink. This clip is largely aimed at the YouTube audience and their own text is below.

Dancing Ink Productions invites you to collaborate with us on the Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds project. This project is led by Dancing Ink Productions for the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. It is funded by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation.

We seek mixed media (and mixed reality infused with a healthy dose of accountability and thoughtfulness).

This project seeks global collaboration with those who wish to contribute to a deeper understanding of Islam through internet participation and collaboration. We invite you to respond to this message with a video of your own that might illuminate your own experiences and thoughts whether you are Muslim, or whether your belief system fully differs. This project endeavors to include as many thoughtful contributions as the global community offers through internet collaboration. Be creative. Be passionate. Be candid. Be honest.

September 5, 2008 is the submission deadline for response videos that hope to be included in the collaborative body of work comprising the project.

Please get the word out in any way you can through all of your social networks. And check back frequently for messages from Dancing Ink Productions.

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