Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly News 3/30/08

This week's latest from MBC which will be on the channel shortly.

Last week's sudden onslaught of new rules about trademark accredition by Linden Labs have caused great concern amongst those living and working inworld, having, as they have, implied a degree newly required implementation that borders on the absurd. In addition, the lab's seeming urge to impose new rules this late in the game are considered not to bode well for the future direction of what is now almost a world that dare not speak it's (own) name.

It certainly goes against the spirit of the community that has built what can considered to be a superlative template for the future of the metaverse. Without the existence of common platform protocols a lot has been left to faith and trust - something many would now claim the lab has betrayed.

With the likes of Sun Microsystems developing open platforms that look set to eclipse the promise and vision of Linden Labs, there is a fear that we could see a mass exodus from everyone's favourite building and creating grid.

Good to see that this week's news, whilst not exactly focusing on it, has absorbed the message and interpreted it during the programme to a "vitually" laughable degree.

Let's hope Linden Labs see the error of their ways and realise that some consideration of their users/population might not be remiss in these rapidly changing times. Many good organisations and individuals have invested massive time and money supporting them despite huge teething problems - the last thing they want to see is a new arrogant offspring rapidly proving itself unfit for purpose.

Linden Labs are a business of course - but one wonders what it's value will be if the brand becomes obselete. In this case the brand is a cumilative effort on the part of virtual citizens colonising a new technological frontier. Prohibit that or impose boundaries on it and those who lead the way will turn elsewhere.

A cautionary tale methinks.

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