Thursday, November 1, 2007


Serious neat film from Second Life here ...

"It has been several years since Alice was last seen in Wonderland. She had grown older and tired of Wonderland's riddles. She did "not want to be among mad people," she told them and bid her farewells; but she could not forget what she had seen and heard there.

Little did she know that the very grounds of Wonderland were now saturated in the toxic torment of the Red Queen's tyrannical rule. The Mad Hatters love for his queen drowned all else as he spent years deliriously creating a new army of cardsmen to serve her. He vowed to protect the queen at all costs.To prove this, he prepared a game in the Royal Courtyard and a feast to be remembered throughout the ages.

Still bitter after all these years over Alice's disgusting display of disrespect for his Queen during the trial of the Knave of Hearts, he had the Knave tortured and scattered in pieces around the outskirts of Wonderland to warn all those who entered to respect his queen or die.

"Wonderland," he echoed unto all the land, "has changed. Let every Royal, every servant, every tweedle in the land know you will obey the Queen of Hearts or you will die. Send out and find Alice. Bring her back here so that she may set the example for all."

Upon hearing the dreaded plot of the Hatter, Alice tried to take her own life and was unsuccessful in her attempt. She was sent to the Liddell Asylum for psychiatric evaluation.

Unbeknownst to her, a new Alice, the name for the feared prophetic child queen who would one day rule all 4 corners of Wonderland, had already been introduced to the land... or had she?

"Alice" wasn't originally going to be more than just one single movie, but after hearing Marilyn Mansons song I just couldn't stop myself lol.

Soon, there will be a part 3 too."

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