Sunday, September 23, 2007

Virtual Health Island

This is a promo for the MD kiosk on the Health island in Second Life. I'm publishing it here because it is also a good overview for those of you not already active in the metaverse.

This accompanying text also provides convenient links to get to started. What are you waiting for? THERE ARE MANY FREE AREAS ON THE ISLAND YOU CAN EXPLORE.

Follow these steps to open a free

Second Life® account:

1) Open the URL #1: https://secure- /Choose- Name?form%5Baction%5D=Skip+This+Step

2) Follow the steps specified in Second Life (make sure you activate your account by the email link sent to you.)

3) Download Second Life software--this should be automatically offered to you after you activate your account.

If not, go to URL #2:

4) Open the URL#3: MD Kiosk Health Island. Press "Teleport Now."

5) Make sure you download URL #4 or #5: Quicktime player 7


7) When Second Life open, type your user name, password, and press "Connect."

TO MOVE: use arrow keys on keyboard, or go to VIEW

TO SELECT A CLASS: Right click on the teleport ball and select "pay." Right click again to select teleport. (Free classes only require that right click the ball and then hit "teleport.")

TO VIEW THE VIDEO: Video screens are viewable by a SINGLE CLICK (it should say "video loading" and then "video playing").

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